Ice Age Trail (IAT)

Holy Hill Basilica - Courtesy Washington County Planning and Parks Department

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Trail Distance Features


Milwaukee River Segment 4.7 miles Trail begins near the Washington/Fond du Lac county line at Kettle Moraine Dr. The trail highlights trailside kettles as it rises and dips through the forest.


Northern Kewaskum Segment 2.6 miles Trail begins at the Eisenbahn State Trail to the northwest and travels 2.6 miles southwest through an easement owned by the Ice Age Trail Alliance before terminating at Ridge Rd.


Southern Kewaskum Segment 1.3 miles Trail begins at Wildwood Rd. and travels 1.3 miles east through land owned by the Ice Age Trail Alliance before terminating at CTH-D.


West Bend Segment 7 miles Trail begins at CTH-D and travels 7 miles south through Glacial Blue Hills Recreation Area and into Ridge Run County Park before terminating at Paradise Dr.


Cedar Lakes Segment 2.5 miles Trail begins at CTH-NN and travels 2.5 miles south through the Polk Kames and terminates at Cedar Creek Rd. This trail segment offers fantastic views of the Polk Kames.


Slinger Segment 1.8 miles Trail begins at the intersection of Kettle Moraine Dr. and CTH-AA (Cedar Creek Rd.).  Look for the blazes on utility poles that mark the route.  This trail highlights the city of Slinger, a city that once served as an important trading center for Native Americans.


Pike Lake/Northern Holy Hill Segment 5.8 miles Trail begins at CTH-CC to the north in the Pike Lake Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest and travels 5.8 miles south through land owned by the Ice Age Trail Alliance before terminating at Pleasant Hill Rd.


Southern Holy Hill Segment 4 miles Trail begins at Pleasant Hill Rd. and travels 4 miles south through the Holy Hill grounds and terminates at Donegal Rd. Trail offers fantastic views of Holy Hill.


Loew Lake Segment(5 miles) 5 miles Trail begins at Emerald Dr. and travels 5 miles south through the Loew Lake Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest before terminating at CTH-Q.


Monches Segment 3.1 miles Trail begins at CTH-Q near the county line and climbs the bank remnants of a glacial meltwater spillway. The trail features great views of forest progression. It also features areas of unique vegetation as it parallels the Oconomowoc River and wetland area. It ends at the old scenic Kettle Moraine railway bridge on Funk Rd.


Merton Segment 5.3 miles Trail begins at Funk Rd. trailhead next to the old scenic Kettle Moraine railway bridge.  Here the trail turns left and travels through a railroad tunnel before entering woods.  This trail follows an abandoned railroad, the Bark River, and eventually runs into Centennial Park.


Hartland Segment 4.5 miles Trail begins on the west side of Centennial Park and winds south along the Bark River.  The trail follows the paved multiuse path through the village of Hartland.


Delafield Segment 4 miles Trail begins at the end of Fairway Ct. and heads south. At the intersection with the Lake County Trail, a rail-trail, the IAT crosses STH-83 and continues west along the southern edge of Nagawaukee County Park to the City of Delafield. In Delafield, follow the blazed sidewalk route beginning on Well St. At Cushing Park Rd. the trail turns left and goes south .5 miles, crossing under I-94.


Lapham Peak Segment 7.8 miles Trail begins at the Kettle Moraine State Forest’s Lapham Peak Unit. Lapham Peak is the county’s highest point and site of the original National Weather Service signal station. This site offers a 45-foot observation tower with 360 degree views. This trail winds through woods, open meadows, and several prairie restoration sites. In the spring, the white and burr oak savannas teem with native woodland wildflowers.


Waterville Segment 3.6 miles Trail begins at the UW-Waukesha Field Station. The trail exits the station on Waterville Rd., turns left, and goes south 1.2 miles along the designated connecting road. The trail continues as a footpath, entering woods on the west side of the road. Trail features rolling hills that contrast the steep hills and kettles along the other sections of the Ice Age Trail. It showcases remnants of pre-settlement vegetation including oak forest, oak openings, prairies and wetlands.


Scuppernong Segment 4.8 miles Trail begins on a small path between two pastures off CTH-C.  As it continues east, it enters the Kettle Moraine State Forest’s Southern Unit and travels through the Pine Woods Campground.  This trail features a roller coaster of hills, numerous trailside kettles, berry patches, and hardwood forests.  It also crosses several ski and hiking trails that are part of the Scuppernong Trails network.


Eagle Segment 6.3 miles Trail begins at Piper Rd.  High lights of this trail include extensive prairie restoration areas and oak savannas along exposed portions of Niagara dolomite and glacial lake bed.  The trail travels through the Scuppernong River Habitat Area Project, the largest native wet prairie east of the Mississippi River.  It also travels along the eastern edge of the Kettle Moraine Low Prairie State Natural Area.


Stoney Ridge Segment 3.1 miles Trail begins a STH-59 and winds through a pine plantation, an oak forest, and several sections of dry prairie.  It features unique vegetation including summer lupine and patches of native prickly pear.